Grammatically challenged? 

There, Their, They're!

Grammatically Correct

is here to support you!

Grammatically Correct can put a full stop to your badly worded marketing messages.

With 30 years' (did you know the apostrophe should go there?) experience of copywriting, editing and proofreading within Advertising, Marketing & PR, we know our commas from our semi-colons!

Correctly worded text, superlative spelling and perfect punctuation can make all the difference to your marketing material - whether it be an important document, a brochure, an advert or your website - all reflect upon your company's professionalism and corporate image.

Bad grammar can have bad consequences!

In this well known example, an omitted comma can mean the difference between life and death -

'Let's eat, Grandma!' or 'Let's eat Grandma!'

Correct punctuation can save lives and businesses!

If improving the text within your corporate literature and/or website is important to you, or you need help with your marketing strategy, please get in touch. Or maybe your magazine or book needs proofreading or copy editing? We will ensure it is grammatically correct!